We finally made it, we became…Chartered Accountants. Ha!  Not the sexiest accomplishment in the world, but my goodness, was it tough getting there!  After three years of grueling exams, it is finally over. So we… View Post

My apologies, as this is a bit of a vintage post, for one reason or another I have completely neglected to share one of my top dining experiences to date, a night at Restaurant Story… View Post

At the end of last year I was finally going to reunite with my soul mate and best friend in the world, my sister.  We had it all planned, a two week jaunt to Bali,… View Post

Sketch is the ultimate playground for grown-ups, you’ll never want to leave.  It offers all the bare necessities of life, a Michelin-starred eatery, a gallery and glade for tea parties and a gaggle of legendary… View Post

After a morning of exploring the rather chilly Unter den Linden district of the city, Alice and I were in need of a little soul food and a smidgen of eye candy, so you might… View Post