Duck and Waffle

I am not going to pretend this is the first time I have visited Duck and Waffle.  It has very quickly become my go-to restaurant when friends or family come to stay with me in London, the food is reasonably priced and I challenge you to find someone left unaffected by the elevator journey to the 40th floor, or the breath-taking views when in the restaurant itself.P1000036Duck and Waffle is helmed by Daniel Doherty, who has quickly made a name for himself amongst London’s foodies.  The restaurant is a five minute walk from Bank and sits just above Sushi Samba in Heron Tower.  I must warn you, book in advance as it’s a popular choice, unless you’re keen to take advantage of the 24-hour menu!

My parents were visiting this weekend and I thought this would make their trip just that little bit more special… I was right.P1000033I’ve heard the cocktail menu goes down a treat but thought it may be a little bit too naughty at 11:00am on a Sunday morning!P1000034P1000011As soon as we sat down, I hurriedly ordered three cappuccinos and blood orange juices, after saving my appetite all morning!  We soon faced the impossible challenge presented to us by the menu…P1000022

P1000007P1000006Even after having sampled half of the menu before, the decision was tough, it’s all delicious.  We soon settled for a bag of pig’s ears to share, Colombian eggs for Mum and I and of course, a full-English for Dad.P1000014P1000019Don’t be put off by the unusual nature of these beauties, if you were a bacon rashers fan in the school playground, these will certainly tickle your fancy, as they did Dad’s…P1000015After finishing our ‘breakfast’ we soon decided it was more of a lunch affair, which justified a dessert.  Upon the waiter’s recommendation, Mum and Dad went for the Belgian waffles with trimmings, as they felt it only right to sample waffles when in Rome.  I personally, am a sucker for Tiramisu and so couldn’t resist sampling a fresh interpretation of the classic dish.  None of us were disappointed.P1000027P1000028P1000029P1000031P1000032Mum was particularly smug with her decision!

After desert we rested our hard-working stomachs and mouths, taking in the décor and London views before heading off for a stroll down Portobello Road.P1000026P1000024It may have been my fourth visit but I’m sure it won’t be my last, there’s no doubting this little food haven in the sky is a crowd pleaser!

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