Mad Hatter’s Tea at The Sanderson

When  one of my closest friends announced a week long return from Qatar, myself and the third leg of our tripod knew we had to offer her something pretty special to keep hold of her for the day!  So we booked ourselves in for a very British sort of treat at The Sanderson Hotel, death by afternoon tea.

A Mad Hatter’s Tea is the only possible tea that you would expect to be served in this design emporium of a hotel, as we followed our keen sense of smartphone-enhanced direction, we arrived at a drab and unassuming hotel but once we crossed the heavily-veiled threshold we knew immediately that this was the place.


Couch potatoes beware, this sofa wants to swallow you whole!


And the bar stools will be watching…always!


The three of us spent a large part of our childhood living together in a girls boarding school in Kent and are still like sisters, after 11 years of knowing each other!  So when we lost C to Qatar, we were heartbroken.  However, this means when we do catch up, the circumstances need to be extra special!

There was no messing around and as soon as we found the menu hidden in a copy of ‘The Creatures of Circumstance’, we set to ordering our sugar overload.


The choice of teas is unlike any I have ever come across and after taking a good whiff of the Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberries and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip and Apple Pie flavours, I outrageously settled for the Mint Chocolate Chip (with no regret – it tastes like it smells).






The tea is a collaboration with Luna and Curious, who crafted the wonderland crockery used for the tea.


After a few silly moments and plenty of laughter, we decided it was time to get down to business and with six months to catch up on, we were going to need plenty of tea!


Food arrived very swiftly, a treat to both the eyes and the stomach!





My favourite dish by far was the white chocolate and  green tea mousse (a current obsession of mine), topped with popping candy in an edible chocolate cup.


I was also pretty tickled by the Alice in Wonderland style ‘Drink Me’ potions…


After all of that food, we felt a little unwell but fairly pleased with ourselves after climbing our afternoon tea Everest, however, the true brownie points go to those that make it to the jelly wonderland in the neighbouring garden, with it’s peach, lychee, apple and strawberry flavoured offerings…



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