Riding House Café


Sunday mornings for me are usually spent gathering memories/stories of the night before, checking the contents (or lack thereof) of my handbag and holding my head in my hands when recalling the ‘shapes’ I’ve pulled on the dance floor. So this weekend I kept things very sensible and thought I’d book an early brunch, much to Dara’s disappointment, who hadn’t taken the grown-up approach but admirably made it on time (earlier than me).


For all you Instagram-loving foodies, you’ll know that The Riding House Café is flavour of the month, so it has been top of my breakfast list for a while and I’ll certainly be back to try the lobster lasagne for dinner…


As per, I spent the first 20 minutes nattering and forgetting to look at the menu (Waiter: Thanks for your patience!). Eventually I settled on a Rickshaw juice and a caffeine hit, whilst Dara tended to his hangover with a breakfast smoothie, that came in a milk bottle (pause for effect)…





Luckily Dara is not the judgmental type and so I got away with a very girly breakfast of strawberries and poached pears with granola, whilst he tackled the chorizo hash browns and poached eggs. Both were delicious and perfect sustenance before a day of wandering the back streets of London and watching the marathon.



A trip to the bathrooms is also highly recommended, it feels like a visit to the stables!

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