A lot of the work that I do often takes me to Bristol, although sometimes referred to as a second London, it offers something London cannot…fish by the bucketload!  This week I was lucky enough to have a very good friend come to stay, keeping me company in my lonely little hotel room for one!


Al has just joined the Navy and so I thought, what better than a little taste of the ocean to make her feel at home.

The lovely Jean was also able to join our fish supper – a Bristol local, giving the Riverstation Restaurant her seal of approval before we settled on it as our eatery of choice.


The girls opted for the very reasonable set menu and I made the age old mistake of not following suit, suffering a severe case of starter envy when the tomato medley arrived.



Al’s pork was given an enthusiastic thumbs up – anything to take her mind off the sea!


Jean chose the Cornish Ling, which I had sampled in the bar and kitchen the week before, if you’ve never had the honour, try a fillet of Ling, it’ll be worth your while, I guarantee it.

I ordered the pan-fried fillet of cod, white beans and confit tomato fricasée and mussels, I wasn’t disappointed.



Dessert was very welcome after missing out on a starter! I went for a palette-cleansing medley of sorbets and Jean was a woman on a chocolate brownie mission. Both were very well received!


Riverstation has an idyllic spot along Bristol’s harbourside, perfect for a first date or catching up with girlfriends, it comes highly recommended if you’re heading West!

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