The Orangery at Kensington Palace

Kate and Will are coming home, so we thought we’d gather up a welcoming party…whilst celebrating Alice’s un-birthday!  No-one was home so we thought we’d raid their Orangery…P1000450P1000412We settled in quite comfortably and put in our demands for as much tea as the waiting staff could muster.P1000418It took all my strength not to stuff a few pieces of crockery into my satchel. P1000413We were spoiled for choice with teas, most of a very traditional nature but I ventured away from the Empire with a mellow green tea. P1000421The girls were beautifully colour coordinated and wearing their best grins (until I started taking pictures of their much awaited tea, meeting a few hungry scowls)! P1000422 P1000430The Orangery’s signature dish is the orange-scented scones, which are light and airy, leaving space for all the finery waiting on the final tier… The cucumber and mint sandwich was also a bit of a gem!P1000425I’ve just about perfected the art of pouring tea, which you would expect to be the case when you drink as much tea as I seem to!P1000424P1000434Han was tickled pink by her gluten free variation on the classic afternoon tea, we were all a little envious of the hefty portion of millionaire’s shortbread. P1000410The beautiful birthday girl took her rightful place at the head of the table!P1000420After stuffing ourselves silly we took a leisurely and aimless stroll around the grounds and on to High Street Kensington, pondering the details of our next reunion, before going our sadly separate ways.  Until the next time girls!P1000453 P1000459

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