Flesh and Buns

I’m two weeks into studying for another set of exams, which undoubtedly I enjoy (*cough cough) however, it’s a little rogue to go completely off the radar and not eat out/have any semblance of a social life at all. So I booked myself a hot date with Millie, lucky me…

I went to Bone Daddies for the first time in February, which was just a whole new level of ramen, so I knew that Flesh and Buns was unlikely to disappoint.P1000499We were very conservative and ordered Chai Coolers, no matter how devilish these may look, they are virginal and very tasty. P1000473Millie threw herself into the mouth of danger and very nonchalantly revealed an allergy to lobster but was almost certain that soft shell crab should be okay… So whilst she carelessly eyed up the deep-fried claws, I prepared to play nurse! P1000469The Flesh and Buns concept is quite simple, you order your flesh and a few buns, stuff the flesh in the buns and ask for an extra napkin because things are about to get messy…P1000480Millie and I immediately agreed on the Salmon Teriyaki, with a pickled cucumber garnish.P1000477P1000478 P1000481The buns are sweet and a little sticky, very similar to Char Sui dumplings, or clouds, as a very good friend of mine has aptly named them. P1000483 P1000486Now, if you thought the buns were the main event, how wrong you were…P1000489S’MORES! Need I say s’more?!P1000490 P1000492Millie took the lead, toasting the homemade marshmallow to perfection before sandwiching it between two homemade biscuits and a slice of green tea chocolate, which has been ruling my list of cravings for a good while now (I’m a big green tea enthusiast). P1000493We were left wanting s’more s’mores… (okay, I’m done now – promise). P1000498Flesh and Buns is a fun and original addition to Soho’s army of affordable restaurants and above all, they take bookings.

I’ll be back for s’more!


    • May 13, 2014 / 7:04 am

      Argh, thanks, I can’t wait until they’re over and done with for good! Next time I’ll definitely be trying the pork, thank you for reading x

    • May 13, 2014 / 7:01 am

      Thanks Emma, yep, was a lot of fun and I’m still craving s’mores! X

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