Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs

If you’ve had the pleasure of dining at James Knappet’s Kitchen Table, you already know that it’s not an easy task to describe in words just how special an evening tucked behind that heavy leather curtain in Bubbledogs really is…P1000681We arrived far too early, like excited little children, and had to take a long roam around Fitzrovia to pass the time.  Then we were in! P1000686For those of you that haven’t been, Kitchen Table is the brain child of James Knappett and you can read a great article on how the place came about here.  You are seated around a pass and are invited to watch as a tasting menu of 17 courses is prepared (with no Ramsay-like swearing) and served to you with a story, told for each starring ingredient.

The menu is based around single ingredients being showcased alongside unusual and complimentary flavours. P1000687Course 1: John Dory

(The smoked roe of a John Dory fish with radishes)P1000690P1000691Course 2: Chicken

(Crispy chicken skin with mascarpone and bacon jam)P1000693Course 3: Courgette

(Courgette tempura with beetroot sauce and fennel pollen)P1000694Course 4: Carrot

(Cold carrot soup with elderflower and pickled carrots)P1000697Course 5: Scallops

(Raw with sea salt, pickled ginger mayonnaise and roe)P1000698Course 6: Plaice

(Plaice with mussels and fennel)P1000700 P1000701Course 7: Asparagus

(Green asparagus with hollandaise sauce, dried orange peel and truffle)P1000703 P1000704 P1000706Course 8: Pork

(Suckling pig, Kohlrabi, apple and fennel salad and a sauce made from the pig bone)P1000709 P1000710Course 9: Lamb

(Roast lamb with sheep’s yoghurt, Damson yoghurt and pickled turnip in alcoholic vinegar)P1000713Course 10: Ricotta

(Ricotta with English cherries, lemon balm and black pepper)P1000715Course 11: Strawberries

(Strawberries with hibiscus powder, hibiscus jelly and a sweet cream)P1000716Course 12: Raspberry

(Puréed raspberry with an elderflower ice cream)P1000718Course 13: Apricot

(Grilled apricot with mascarpone and honey)P1000720Course 14: Gooseberry

(Juiced gooseberries, yoghurt parfait, unripened almonds and finely chopped Christmas trees!) P1000723 P1000724 P1000726Course 15: Caramel

(Salted caramel toffee, salted caramel ice-cream and dark chocolate)P1000727Course 16: Sloe

(Sloe berries in a marshmallow mix, toasted)P1000728The beautiful thing about Kitchen Table is the obvious passion behind the night’s commentary, where ingredients have been sourced and how they have been cooked.

This is a place without arrogance and full of charm.  James and his wife Sandia are the perfect hosts, treating each guest at the table as though they were invited personally.

I promised James a glowing and honest review, here it is.

Book your seat ASAP!


    • June 29, 2014 / 9:35 pm

      Even the crockery was perfect! Very talented chef

  1. john mateer
    June 29, 2014 / 9:33 pm

    Cant wait. Sounds fab.

  2. Janice
    July 31, 2014 / 1:57 pm

    Looks so delicious. Look forward to going xx

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