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“You must go to Berlin.” – Franz von Suppe

It was a warm summer’s evening when Alice first suggested a trip to Berlin, she announced that she ‘simply MUST sample the local wurst.’

Well who am I to refuse such a demand?

So off we trotted, cramming our hand luggage into a very early morning flight out of London, furs and mittens in tow.

After seeking out our hotel on Berliner Straße, we made a beeline for the closest vendor of baked goods and ordered as many croissants and Florentines (discs of peanutty goodness) as we could manage before 11am.  We then waddled up the Bundesallee to Kurfurstendam, dipping in and out of Christmas shops and bakeries until we decided to get our ‘tourist’ on and pottered over to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.P1000976Now I won’t bore you with my architectural musings but this is a thoughtful and sensitive example of post-war restoration and is well worth a visit.P1000977P1000979P1000982 P1000983P1000987We then agreed that with one tourist stop under our belt, we were highly deserving of a luncheon…P1000993We chose the Romanisches Cafe, a meeting place for artists dating back to 1916.P1000990P1000994P1000995Alice and I both wolfed down this dish of buttery seabass and dressed ‘spargel’ with a side of seasoned tomato salsa.P1000996P1000998Then after a well-deserved nap, we followed our noses (/well informed guide book) to Max und Mortiz, a local eatery serving up ‘Berlin cuisine’.P1010002 P1010003P1010004(Was a little terrified of this chap…)P1010005We both ordered the Rheinischer Sauerbraten: an old German dish steeped in an aged red wine and light vinegar marinade, braised in its own juices with raisins and beef jus, served with potato dumplings and braised red cabbage with apple.P1010006P1010007Alice satisfied her sweet tooth with the Rote Grütze, a wild fruit compote with a vanilla sauce.P1010008I felt it only right and proper to end the meal with the Hausgemachter Apfelstrudel, a homemade apple pie with vanilla sauce.P1010009And with that we faceplanted into our starched sheets in anticipation of walking and eating ourselves to exhaustion once more!

To be continued…


  1. janice mateer
    November 23, 2014 / 5:28 pm

    Wunderbar xxx

  2. Jean
    November 23, 2014 / 7:11 pm

    Delightful, looking forward to the next bit!

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