After a morning of exploring the rather chilly Unter den Linden district of the city, Alice and I were in need of a little soul food and a smidgen of eye candy, so you might imagine our joy when we happened across the world’s LARGEST chocolaterie. P1010052There are scale models of some of Berlin’s most treasured sights built ENTIRELY out of chocolate.P1010054 P1010057The place is choc-a-bloc (‘scuze the pun) full of slabs, leaves, chunks, truffles, shells and mounds of schokoladen.P1010059 P1010058P1010060It takes all the willpower you can muster to stop yourself from launching headfirst into these pillars of tempered heaven.P1010061However, if you’re really having difficulty then you’ll need to take yourself upstairs to the chocolate cafe.P1010068I thought I’d warm the cockles with a mint liqueur hot chocolate, whilst Alice opted for the ‘classic’ mit sahne.P1010062And of course, it would be poor manners to not sample the wares!  I devoured a pistachio chocolate pot and Alice threw back this embarrassment of a chocolate cake, just awful 😉 P1010067 P1010064Things started to get a little hairy after the sugar rush and I had to wrestle Alice out of a sticky situation…P1010070

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