Sketch is the ultimate playground for grown-ups, you’ll never want to leave.  It offers all the bare necessities of life, a Michelin-starred eatery, a gallery and glade for tea parties and a gaggle of legendary toilet pods.

Now I’m going to be a little uncouth here and take you straight to the loos…  Shut yourself into one of these pods to do your business and you may exit to find you’ve travelled through time – so take your handbag.


Sarra came to visit for a weekend of debauchery and frivolity that led us to the sticky carpets of Infernos and suggestions of scaling three-storey town houses at 4am the morning prior.

Despite our sleep deprivation and loss of basic cognitive functions we were able to pull ourselves together for a very sophisticated afternoon tea at one of my absolute favourite London hot spots, Sketch.


Our beautiful waitress whispered to us in a delicate French accent about macarons, tea and scones whilst we drooled in wonderment and recalled the poor judgement that had culminated in a sea of Jäger bombs the night before.

image image

David Shrigley’s update to the decor is curious yet beautiful and without a doubt you’ll consider popping some of the crockery in your bag to take home (a little more pricey than a Starbucks mug!)


Here’s me trying on a double chin for size before polishing off my day’s calorie allowance in just under 90 minutes.


The sugary tiers arrived with a plenty of the classics still knocking around (the quail’s egg and caviar sarnie) and some newbies (the earl grey macaron).


A word of warning – you will be asked if you want to replenish your sandwiches, and you will THINK that you want to but I implore you to THINK again.  Sarra and I had to forgoe a few of the top tier treats after stretching our poor tummies to their limits with copious extra mini paninis.


Nonetheless, we enjoyed our tea and cake binge immensely and couldn’t imagine a better way to indulge our well-deserved hangovers.


Dizzy on our sugar highs and bellies full to the brim with scones we waddled back to Victoria station, whilst planning which foodie Everest we should conquer next…


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  1. janice mateer
    August 26, 2015 / 10:04 am

    Love it need to go. xx

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